Screening at CINEMISTICA2019

REHAVI (Timekeepers) will be screened at Cinemística International Film Festival. The screening will take place at Corrala de Santiago on November 27 at 19:30h in Granada, Spain. CineMistica19

Rehavi (Timekeepers) is the story of an old migrant watch lost, found and circulated by different owners. The film presents a contemporary view of the profound philosophy of time and the homology between clocks and human beings, which have been some of the main themes of Muslim spirituality in Anatolia.

Rehavi (Timekeepers) is the third audiovisual text released by Juan Castrillon about his research on Sufi Music in Istanbul. The film combines narrative and interviews as a way of crafting a style of ethnographic storytelling.

Published by Juan Castrillon

His current research as UPENN PhD student is centered on developing a broader genealogy of the concept of “mystical audition,” in the Turk-Ottoman musical thought; and exploring aurality formation in Colombian Amazon musical practices, and the ways in which this process has been able to produce bodies, instruments, and repertoires and to amplify modalities of wisdom that both manage health and regulate spirituality. His methodology includes fieldwork, repatriation of old recordings to Amazon communities, Ottoman Music Theory books’ analysis, and discussions about sonic narratives, recording techniques and musical practices understood as an historical technics of subjective transformation’ process.

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