Listening experiments

(STABZ) Sounds of consciousness and noise abatement at Van Pelt Library (Spring 2016)


STABZ was selected to be at the Soundscapes/Landscapes exhibition within the ‘student project’ category in March 2017. Here is an interview by James Meadows at the Arthur Ross Gallery at UPENN’s Fine Arts Library about the project.

Urban Repetition Sounds (Fall 2015)

…”In this urban scenario, I argue that our listening and our body become empirical realities with which we will negate, push back or denigrate others when they appears in front of us as sound, as bodies, when they touch us or as a threat inside us. Or, maybe, listening and body become empirical realities where we could access to different experience(s) also blossomed by our encounter with others by listening and by being together through our bodies”… Juan Castrillón’s voice-off.

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